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Duotone Strider SLS
Strider SLS
€799,00 €660,33
Woo Sensor Package 4.0
Sensor Package 4.0
€279,95 €231,36
Duotone Rebel SLS 2024
Rebel SLS 2024
€2.049,00 €1.693,39
Duotone Kiteset Evo + Select Concept Blue 2024
Kiteset Evo + Select Concept Blue 2024
€2.856,00 €2.360,33 €2.349,00 €1.941,32
Mast EPX.90 SDM 2024
Mast EPX.90 SDM 2024
€569,00 €470,25
Mast EPX.90 RDM 2024
Mast EPX.90 RDM 2024
€519,00 €428,93

De Surfshop van de Brunotti Beachclub

Wil je gezellig komen praten over de nieuwste spullen op gebied van watersport? Of wil je gewoon eens lekker een trui of bikini shoppen met een heerlijke surf vibe aan het strand? Naast Brunotti Beachclub zit onze surfshop. Een hippe en moderne surfwinkel

De mensen achter de Surfshop van Brunotti Beachclub zijn bezeten van watersport in al zijn facetten. Deze winkel heeft er altijd gezeten en is nu samengevoegd met de Beachclub. Dus dezelfde service, kennis en ervaring... alleen in een ander jasje!

De Surfshop - Visit us in Oostvoorne or order 24/7.

De Surfshop is Brunotti Beachclub's new shop at Lake Oostvoorne. Because we are riders too...   


We offer a nice extensive collection of Fanatic, Tabou Surfboards, Gaastra-Sails and Duotone Windsurfing we can serve every windsurfing wish. In addition to regular windsurf boards, you can also come to us for advice on wingfishing with a windsurf board.


We have an extensive collection of kites and kitesurf boards from Brunotti, Duotone Kiteboarding, Ga-Kiteboarding, Reedin, Naish, North Kiteboarding 


This new water sport is starting to become very popular. Even among people who have never done water sports before. This sport is super easy to learn and very addictive. With wingsurf brands like Duotone, Naish and Gaastra we have a wide range of products for watersporters interested in wingsurfing.

SUP Boards

The sport for fitness fanatics and families. This low-threshold water sport is super fun to do and it also gets you fit. With stand up paddling you combine balance and endurance. It is also a social sport because you can go on the water together. We have inflatable SUP boards from Aztron, Aquatone, Fanatic SUP. Also read our buying tips for Stand Up Paddleboards. 


No water sport without a good wetsuit. Whether you're an all year round water sports enthusiast or only hit the water in the summer. We have an extensive collection of wetsuits from ION and Mystic. Besides wetsuits we also have accessories such as changing ponchos and rashguards. 


Of course you like to wear your sports. We have put together a collection of beach and street clothing from renowned brands such as Ripcurl, Salty Crew, Brunotti, Mystic and for example Reef for flip-flops. For both men, women and children.

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