If you want to go kitesurfing, you should first take lessons from good kite surfing schools. You need to invest in kite surfing lessons to master the tricks of kitesurfing. Now it so happens that we also give kitesurfing lessons in Oostvoorne (autostrand - slufter). You can take private lessons or choose to join groups. If you take lessons in a group, you get more rest during the lesson. The number of group lessons should not exceed 3 persons. For students and teachers, it is more pleasant to have as much personal guidance as possible. More information on kite surfing lessons can be found on our kitesurfing lessons page.


Once you have successfully completed the kitesurfing lessons, you can now start on your own. Now you are going to expand your skills and making lots of metres is the next step. But you can't keep renting kitesurfing equipment from the kite school forever. So it's time to invest in your own kit! For novice kite surfers, your first choice might be a maze. There are many options to consider first. Eurofuncenter offers great kite sets for all kite surfers including starters. We have kite sets for different budgets, with a cheaper one being no worse than an expensive one. After all, you have Skodas and Volkswagens. Both drive fine, but there is a price difference ;-)


You don't want to be cold during your kite sessions, so a wetsuit is an important part of your equipment. Fit and thickness are very important with wetsuits. In the Netherlands, the water is not very warm, so you can keep the thickness of your wetsuit at 5/3 or 5/4. (The first number is the thickness of the neoprene on the chest and legs, second number is the arm thickness) The size of your wetsuit can be difficult to determine at first. Check the manufacturer's size chart to make sure the wetsuit is suitable. A front-zipper is fine in relation to your harness.


You can't kitesurf without a trapeze, so you really need this one. When choosing a trapeze or harness you have many options, as a beginner it is best to start with a seat trapeze. These trapezes are more suitable for beginner kitesurfers because the kite is usually at 12 o'clock. If you already enjoy sailing back and forth, you can choose to buy a hip trapeze now. You can enjoy it longer because you won't get tired of it anytime soon. The disadvantage of the hip trapeze is that it creeps up faster, so it is important to choose the right size hip trapeze.


If you want a good beginner kiteboard, check out the full range of freeride twin tips. Depending on your weight and how much wind you want to play with, you can choose the right size kiteboard. If you weigh 75 kg, get a kiteboard between 136 and 140 cm. If you are lighter, you can choose something smaller; if your weight is heavier, we recommend a slightly larger board. Don't choose a kiteboard that is too small. The smaller it is, the harder it is at first. Larger boards make it easier to maintain speed and gain height better because of the longer waterline.


Now it comes to the real purchase, the kite. You can choose to buy new kites or a cheaper second-hand Kite. At the surf shop, both options are available. Most beginner kitesurfers start with one kite, and then later add a kite or two to increase the wind window. Depending on the wind strength and weight of the kitesurfer, choose the size that suits you. If you are not sure what size kite you want to go for, call or email us for more information. We recommend beginners to use the easily accessible Freeride kite. These kites are more powerful than advanced freestyle kites, for example, making it safer and easier to start the sport. Want to learn more about a beginner kite or buy your first kitesurfing kit? Feel free to call or email us. But of course we are also here for the kitesurfer who is advanced and looking for the best gear for his sport. Our advisers are out on the water every week and will be happy to help you find the best possible gear.


Our men are regularly on the waterfront with test kites so you can try out the equipment to your heart's content. You want to test a kite before you buy it. We fully understand that and it is often possible. You pick up your kite at our shop and return it in the evening.

The Surfshop supplies kites and kiteboards by:

> Naish
> Duotone Kiteboarding
> Cabrinha
> Brunotti
> Gaastra
> Reedin

So if you want to kitesurf, then to Surfshop Brunottibeachclub. #becauseweareriderstoo 

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