A hard or an inflatable SUP Board?

Can you store and transport your SUP board. A hard SUP offers more performance than an inflatable SUP Board, but does take up some space. If you don't have that space, an inflatable SUP is a good alternative. An inflatable SUP is a good choice, especially in combination with a boat or camper. It is important with an inflatable SUP that you inflate it properly. That really improves the board's performance (and it's a good warm-ip ;-)). Average between 14 and 18 PSI should be sufficient

Which brand SUP Board?

Eurofuncenter is the SUP Specialist of the Randstad and online. We have stock of the major brands such as Brunotti, Fanatic & Naish. In addition to the major brands, we also have D2 and Gladiator Sup in our range, which offer a very good price-quality ratio. So we have a SUP on offer for every wallet?

What volume and size?

The volume of a board is related to the weight of the person standing on it. In the end, most SUPs will not pose a problem and volume only really comes into play with wavesups. They are often smaller and the less volume the better they do in the waves. But they are more difficult to stand up. For a nice cruiser for inland water, you can almost blindly assume that the board has enough volume. With all-rounders, we advise not to go too small, because it comes at the expense of stability and glide.

SUP Boards from Fanatic, Aztron & Aquatone

The lighter and stiffer your SUP Board, the better the board's performance. Also pay attention to the paddle. It is sometimes forgotten. But in the end, that's what you get yourself through the water with. You can understand that with a lighter paddle you last longer than with a heavier paddle. Point of attention. But the rule is the lighter the better. Unfortunately often more expensive!!!

Which SUP should I have?

We can bring the sport back to 5 types of SUP (pers). Below you can read what you can expect from which type of board

Wave SUP

The name says it all. These are SUP boards made to ride down the waves. They often have a recognizable surfboard shape and are equipped with at least three fins. Some have 5 fins. By placing the width more forward, the board is better controllable. Together with the narrower back, the board also maintains its speed in the waves. Due to the large rocker (curvature) in the board, the board will move easily through the waves. This makes it less suitable for flat water. Of course it will, but it won't be stable.

Allround SUP

Allround SUP Boards are a mix of a wave and touring SUP. They are often a bit longer and can be used on flat water as well as in the waves. Due to its relatively flat rocker (so straighter) it is not a board with which you can conquer high waves. But nice little swell as we are used to in the Netherlands is no problem.

Touring SUP

Touring boards are generally a bit longer (11ft plus) and often have a straight waterline and a flat rocker. This to let them glide over the water and to build up a fast rom speed. Touring SUPs are often narrower, but not as narrow as a racing SUP. A touring SUP Board still offers enough comfort to make your SUP adventure successful.

Inflatable (inflatable SUP)

The success of recent years. The inflatable (inflatable) SUP Board is incredibly popular. The ease of storage and the constant development in improving the construction has ensured that these types of Stand Up Paddleboards have found their way to enthusiastic stand up paddlers. The inflatable SUP is available in different variants such as wave, touring and all-round.

wind sup

Stand Up Paddle and Windsurfing. A great combination. Especially with the new Arrow I-Rigs, windsurfing is completely back. No wind. no problem, then you can go paddling. Wind-Sups are available in hard and inflatable form. The hard sups can be equipped with a sword. The inflatable SUPS are equipped with an extra center fin for stability.

Looking for a Stand up Paddle board. You will certainly succeed at Eurofuncenter.

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Accessories: SUP paddles | SUP Accessories

The inflatable SUP or inflatable SUP has increased in popularity in recent years. This is partly due to the ease with which you can store the board in the shed or boat. In addition, the constructions have been improved to such an extent that the stiffness has increased and the weight has decreased. This allows the entire family to use an inflatable sup.

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