Gaastra Hybrid C2 2022

Gaastra Hybrid C2 2022

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Product description

Gaastra Hybrid C2 2022

One windsurf sail with which you can go in all directions and guarantee a lot of fun! This sail is multi-purpose and suitable for all levels from beginner to pro!

The Hybrid performs well under really all circumstances and can come along particularly well if you are very fanatical. The shape of this sail differs per size and that is where the name "Hybrid" comes from.

The smaller sizes 3.7 – 4.7 are wave oriented. It is a four batten design, high cut at the bottom and a full X-ply window to make the sail extra strong and responsive. These sizes have a lot of power and accelerate quickly. They rotate very easily for fast turns.

The middle sizes 5.2 – 6.4 are bump-and-jump oriented. These sails have 5 battens, a slightly lower cutout at the bottom and also have an X-ply window to make the sail extra strong and responsive. When you sail away with this sail you immediately notice how adaptive it all reacts. When the conditions get a bit more difficult, this sail gives you a lot of confidence and offers you the opportunity to try to get the most out of it. These sails also rotate very smoothly, making jibes and tacks light and easy.

The largest sizes 6.7 – 8.2 have a real freeride profile. With 6 slats and an even lower cut, they are the fastest in the range. Yet they sail very adaptively and gusts are easily overcome as this sail twists very well at the top. With a relatively deep profile, a lot of power is generated, so that you can also accelerate well in days with light weather. Compared to last year, the sail now has less pressure on the back hand, which is very pleasant and comfortable.

All in all, the Hybrid range offers a lot of performance in combination with comfort and ease of use. With a large wind range, this is a sail that you can step into and then continue learning for a very long time (or actually unlimited).

What are the core properties in our experience?

  • Very easy and comfortable sailing with a lot of performance.
  • The sails feel relatively small, playful and agile.
  • Large wind range and suitable for both flat water and sea.
  • Thanks to the X-ply windows, the sails are very durable and can take a beating.

Other supplies with this product;

  • A rigging such as a mast or boom is not yet included and must be ordered separately if you do not already have one.

The sail is supplied in a storage bag and includes a small tool to tension the battens if desired.

Tip: we also sell this sail in a complete set with rigging and board. That set is then completely attuned to each other and then you are completely complete in 1 go to go on the water.


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Gaastra Hybrid C2 2022
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