ION Women Wetsuit Amaze Amp 5/4 Front Zip Capsule
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ION Women Wetsuit Amaze Amp 5/4 Front Zip Capsule

ION Women Wetsuit Amaze Amp 5/4 Front Zip Capsule

€459,99 Incl. tax
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Order the ION Amaze Amp 5/4 FZ Capsule at The Surfshop from Brunotti Beachclub. Need assistance? We would like to inform you abouth the product from ION! Read more.

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Product description

ION Women Wetsuit Amaze AMP 5/4 FZ Capsule

The Amaze Amp 5/4 Front Zip stands for an epic stretch without compromising warmth, making it the perfect wetsuit all year round.
Stretchy material topped with a minimalistic panel design provides freedom of movement in the crucial arm and shoulder area. The secret for optimal heat retention lies in ION's super flexible Hot_Stuff 2.0 thermo lining combined with toasty warm Plasma_Plush 2.0. On top, I_foam neoprene traps more air due to its foamy structure, improving heat retention and flexibility. Another feature that shelters you from icy showers is a small silicone print at the front zip opening area. It increases the connection between the top and bottom opening of the flap.

Toasty Warm: Quick drying Plasma_Plush 2.0 combined with Hot_Stuff 2.0 for the best combination of warmth and stretch.
Epic Stretch: Limitless movement thanks to less panels and our stretchiest lining Hot_Stuff 2.0.
Seam Sealing: Improved version of highly elastic neoprene tape securing every inch of lower body seams and highly stressed cuff area.
Plasma_Plush 2.0: Premium lining offering the best of heat retention and stretch. The high pile fabric traps air for snuggly warmth and insulation while the vertically aligned channel structure transports moisture away quickly – for a dry suit after your break in between sessions.
Hot_Stuff 2.0: The Hot_Stuff 2.0 comes with a plushier feel due to larger loops that trap more air for heat insulation. It is the stretchiest thermo lining in ION's entire range.
Silk_Stuff: Smooth inside lining for a comfortable feeling on bare skin. Despite its snuggly appearance it proves to be really hard core when it comes to the interior's superb flexible characteristics.
Maki_Tape 2.0: Highly elastic neoprene tape reinforces the seams on the lower body and commonly stressed cuff area from the inside.
Sweep_Cut: Seam-free shoulder design for increased paddle reach and shoulder rotation.
Cordlock: So let's get down to the nitty-gritty: A soft cord lock for front-zip wetsuits that can be adjusted with just one hand. It's a subtle addition that won't bother you while riding.
Replaceable Draw Cord:The cord is used to tighten the suit at the shoulder. The high load on this small detail can lead to unavoidable damage. Now it can be easily replaced. This is ION's answer to planned product obsolescence that occurs in other industries.
Seam_Reinforcements: All stress points are reinforced and secured from the inside with Melco tape for increased lifespan. If you accidentally left the suit in the trunk of your car on a hot day, they can start to peel off. Don't panic! Gently use an iron over the affected area as the glue is activated by heat.
Fused Edges:Embossed sleeve and leg ends for a sleeker and more durable finish.
Seal_Tite: Again, this feature prevents water from rushing into the wetsuit by sealing off the cuffs and collar thanks to small rubber strips on the inside.
Drain_Holes: Quick water release when needed in order to combat water accumulation inside the wetsuit. The Drain_Holes are secured in place from the inside and won't expand.
Separate Leg_Loop: The loops can be wrapped tightly around the ankle to prevent water from rushing into the suit. To avoid losing the Leg_Loops  when you're in the water, they feature a unique, extra-strong velcro construction.;Key Pocket:Enjoy the session and stop worrying about your keys – easily store them in the Key_Pocket. Please note: only store water resistant keys in order to avoid any damage.
Sealing_Print: The Sealing_Print at the front zip opening area improves the connection between the flap and rest of the wetsuit. This silicone application prevents water from flushing into the suit hence contributing to the overall warmth properties.
I_Foam: I_Foam is an extreme lightweight and stretchy neoprene foam. For this season we upgraded I_foam with Oyster shell powder, replacing Limestone. This upgrade makes our I_foam more sustainable while maintaining its superior characteristics. Thanks to the foamed structure with more air trapped inside and a lower density I_foam contributes to heat insulation and better flexibility.

Sizetable wetsuits ION

Size  Height (cm) Weight (kg) Chest (cm)
XXS 157-163 41-49 76-81
XS 160-166 46-54 80-85
S 163-169 51-59 84-89
M 166-172 56-64 88-93
L 169-175 61-69 92-97
XL 172-178 66-74 96-101


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ION Amaze Amp 5/4 FZ Capsule
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